EnviroDesign is a fully integrated Mechanical & Electrical Consulting Engineering Company.  The name “ENVIRO” is used as we provide total engineering for the interior environment of commercial buildings - Lighting, Power, Heating and Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Fire Protection.  Engineers at EnviroDesign are considered M&E engineers first and discipline specific engineers second, so as to provide the most complete, coordinated project possible. 

EnviroDesign, Inc. was founded in Denver in 1993, succeeding a Texas corporation, Patton Engineers, in business since 1986.  EnviroDesign is currently operating with a staff of five, including four engineers, one designer, and one support staff. 

EnviroDesign is best suited to unique projects as opposed to “cookie cutter” or application of prototypes.  The more difficult and complicated the project, the better EnviroDesign is suited to be the engineer. 

EnviroDesign has provided consulting engineering services for a wide range of projects including office buildings, institutional projects, tenant build-out, retail stores, renovations, retail centers (shopping malls, power centers, and festive retail), hotels, movie theatres, performing arts theatres, and assembly occupancies. 

Movie theatres demand an unusually high level of engineering experience and coordination due to the variety and complexity of acoustic, architectural, and electrical systems.  EnviroDesign has engineered more multiplex movie theatres than any other entity in the world. 

EnviroDesign is a national mechanical and electrical engineering company.  Ninety-nine percent (99%) of our projects are outside of Texas.  We emphasize bringing our engineering talents and expertise to projects located throughout the United States. 

Such wide spread experience provides clients with a single source of engineers who can apply their corporate standards in multiple locations while satisfying local codes and requirements. 

Wherever our clients build, the chances are that EnviroDesign has designed a project in the area and are familiar with the local code nuances. 

EnviroDesign is innovative in improving the efficiency of the engineered building as well as the engineering process. 

EnviroDesign’s projects typically operate with the lowest watts per square foot energy consumption in the industry.  Our concept of the "smart building" is one that makes money for the client, through lower initial cost and lower operating cost. 

Continuing improvements in the efficiency of the engineering process result in greater production at competitive fees.  Efficiency gains have been realized through 100% CAD use (since 1987), Networking, e-mail, Electronic Faxing, and the "no-draftsman" concept.  Each engineer is responsible for a project from start to finish. 

EnviroDesign has also designed leading edge facilities utilizing ice storage and cold air distribution. 

Sam E. Patton, P.E.:  Registered Engineer in thirty-two (32) states with electrical and mechanical expertise.  A graduate of the University of Texas, Mr. Patton has more than twenty two (22) years experience as an M&E consulting engineer.  Mr. Patton is registered both mechanically and electrically in many states.
Dan Habetler:  Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado.  Mr. Habetler has over 5 years as a consulting engineer.  Mr. Habetler has expertise in electrical as well as mechanical engineering. 
Gene E. Grand:  Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  A graduate of Metropolitan state College, Denver, Colorado, Mr. Grand has nine (16) years experience as a mechanical and plumbing consulting engineer. 
Stephen Keeton:  Bachelor and Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  A graduate of the University of Colorado, Steve has fifteen years experience as a mechanical engineer.